Top Luxury Experiences in Myanmar


The kingdom of Burma differs itself from many other famous travel sites in Southeast Asia for its stunning beauty and lavish travel destinations. Thanks to the opening of the country since 2012, more luxurious experience has arrived in the country, making it one of the ultimate draw that you should pay attention when planning a comfortable holiday.

Myint from Authentic Asia Tours introduces some of the highlighted experience that you should embark on in Myanmar :

Balloon Over Bagan
For 45 minute balloon ride, you are about to witness one of the most magnificent dawns in Asia when the cloud covers most the jungles and temple network of Bagan, letting some haunting spires jutted up.
All the photographers who once visit Myanmar must try this balloon ride as well travelers alike.
Balloon in Bagan is a beautifully packed service with styled car pick up, nice champagne tasting and certainly the ride itself. For any photographers who plan their Myanmar Tour, floating over the temple`s spires in the morning is the must !
Note: in high tourism season from Oct to April, advance booking is necessary.

Taking Cruise Orcaella on Irrawaddy River
There are number of cruising choices for discerning travelers who want to appreciate the Irrawaddy`s charm and Orcaella, a sister cruise of Road to Mandalay is undoubtedly a remarkable choice. It boasts the fine Burmese architect, combining the best indoor facilities with a small, beautiful swimming pool ondeck. Orcaella luxurious suit and cabin satisfy the most sophisticated guests who expect more than just a glance at Myanmar`s north landscapes.
Cruise itineraries vary intriguingly from 3 days to 10 days and if you love to explore the far, remoted areas then take the longest journey.

Private Yatch Expedition in Mergui Archipelago
Being isolated from all famous tourist destination does not mean Mergui has little things to offer. In fact, Mergui is a dream destination where all beach lovers, ocean safari travelers seeks for intimacy with full of activities are eager to have.
Studded with more than 800 islands, this is not only the best diving sites in Myanmar but also treasures the pristine beaches that only few people know. Cultural enthusiasts will find the coastal city of Kawthaung a gem to see temples, monastery while if you just travel as far as the shoreline, you will have chance to meet the friendly Gypsi whose culture is totally unique.

Malikha Lodge and Activities
For active travelers, the comfort of Malikha promises a life experience when you trek along the river valley.
Nested in the splendid nature of a very far north national park, Makhikha is a luxury found. It is not only a base for any Myanmar Eco Tours around the area but also a wonderful retreat with comfortable accommodations and pampering spas.
From the lodge, you can embark on different expedition ranging from 3 days to 15 days or even 1 month. While local market and ethnic villages are just perfect for culture enthusiasts, adventurers will find many breathtaking trek trails. This is so far the only place you can enjoy white water rafting tours in Myanmar thanks to the strong current of Nam Lang River.