How to Impress Your Guests When Planning a Corporate Event

A corporate event is usually undertaken to showcase a company’s products or services, its people and the company or to give thanks to its loyal patrons. But regardless of the reason, the main goal is …

A corporate event is usually undertaken to showcase a company’s products or services, its people and the company or to give thanks to its loyal patrons. But regardless of the reason, the main goal is to provide the best experience to everyone and to show that you value the time your guests have allotted to come to your invitation.

What better way to give thanks to your guests than to make the event as remarkable as possible and with the help of utilizing a seminar room rental in Singapore.

Tips to Impress your Guests When Planning a Corporate Event

Send invitations that are difficult to turn down
How would you be able to do this? Allocate budget for invitation cards that should include excellent designing and printing. Your invitation will be the first to mirror your event. Therefore, it should give a good impression to catch your guest’ attention. Give high priority to its wordings, design and production. The invitation cards needs to be done with taste and class to show that the invited guest is valued and important.

Choose the right location
After you have made sure that your invitation cards are irresistible, your next task is to find a suiting venue. Depending on the event, you can list down appropriate options that you should visit one by one. Why do you need to see the location? As the host, you will be the best person to know if the location is right for your event. Get a feel of the place and confirm that the number of guests will be accommodated. Additionally, check if the space of the venue could allow important party needs such as sounds and lights, stage or platform, photo booth (if applicable) and other essentials. In this phase of planning, seek help from the venue manager to ensure everything is covered.

Prepare delectable food options
To simplify this part of planning, check the venue of your choice if they offer food catering service.

People have different preferences and although you can’t prepare each of your guests’ favorite food, you should still be able to satisfy their taste. Hire a reliable and efficient caterer that has expertise with different cuisines and food preparation. Check the services and types of food they can prepare from dining paraphernalia to drinks and desserts. Many caterers offer food tasting sessions to allow their clients toexperience their list of options. Your caterer will be able to help set your food menu and suggest options that you can mix and match to cater to your guests’ palate.

The caterer would also be the supplier of your food attendants, barista and bartender. Make sure that they are presentable and in line with the image of your company.

Make the party lively
If you require any entertainment, ask yourself the type of performers that would best fit your party. Should it be a band, comedian, a sole musician, so on and so forth? You would have to match the type of performer to the type of event and guests you will be hosting. If there’s no need for performers, check the kinds of music that will be played in the background. Music will play an important part in keeping the party and the people alive and happy.

Delegate tasks and responsibilities
Even the most experienced event organizer cannot prepare a party alone. Hire the help that you need, utilize a seminar room rental in Singaporeand delegate tasks that you cannot accomplish on your own. The success of an event greatly depends on collective efforts from you and your party suppliers. You would not be able to manage every aspect of the event when you’re busy accommodating guests. Therefore, it would be a good idea to have help before, during and after the party. Make a checklist of all the things and services you would require and schedule every part of the party to avoid confusion and chaos. These include the schedule of venue preparation, arrival of food, dinner time, schedule of speakers, performers and a lot more.

You must also not forget to check small details needed for the party. From the flowers to the tables and chairs to the kinds of cutlery and table cloths; these are things that should look perfect and blend well with the rest of the event setup. Do not rush preparing your event, establish a plan and execute it with the idea that you are showcasing your company’s qualities and character.