How to Style Khaki Pants: Style Tips for Khaki Pants


What are Khakis?

Khakis can be described as a type of pants made of thick cotton twill. They are available in flat-front and pleated designs. Khakis are distinguished by their traditional khaki color which is a slight yellow-beige. They have been a staple in both menswear as well as women’s fashion for many years. Khakis can make you appear professional and sharp, or casual and casual. However, it is important to ensure that they are not too tight and fit well. They can make you look sloppy and unprofessional. These tailoring tips will show you how to create a sophisticated and elegant look with your khaki trousers.

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What are the differences between Khakis & Chinos?

Mixing khaki pants with chinos is easy. Both pants are made from cotton twill and have elements of preppy style. There are many differences between these two types of pants. However, they share the same look and function.

Color: Chinos are available in more colors than khakis. You can choose from chinos in blue, green, black or beige. Khakis are always a shade beige.

Design and stitching: Khakis have visible stitching and hem cuffs, while chino pants don’t.

Traditional khakis have a looser fit that chinos. Trendy chinos have a more tapered look.

Khakis are heavier and thicker than chinos.

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How to style Khaki Pants

Khakis are versatile, despite their status as business casual. These styling tips will help you incorporate the pants into a new outfit.

Be a classic prepster. For a classic look at the golf club, pair your khakis and loafers with a polo shirt and a leather belt.

Contrast colors and fabrics. Khakis are neutral in color so they can be paired with bright colors, no matter how you dress them. They can be paired with different textures and are therefore very adaptable. To create a multi-layered look, you can wear a leather jacket or jeans over a textured shirt.

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Reduce the length of your pants. Khakis look great with a casual outfit. You can pair them with a T-shirt, hoodie or sneakers. Double-rolling the legs of the khakis up can make them more casual. The method works if you are familiar with how to cuff jeans.

You can go for a more formal look. You can make your khakis part your work outfit by wearing a button-down shirt with a cardigan or jacket.

Monochromatic ensembles are a good option. Pair Khaki with earth tones such as olive green and brown. Try creating gradients from the head to the toe.

Five Style Tips to Wear Mules

The backless shoe is versatile and can be worn with many styles. These are five ways to style your shoes.

For a classic look, go for it: For a casual, smart look, pair black leather mules with chinos or straight-leg pants and a trench coat.

Wear skinny jeans with it: Pair with skinny jeans to highlight the mules’ open backs and emphasize the legs. For a casual look, pair black mules with skinny jeans, a crop top, a button-down white shirt, or an oversized T-shirt.

Wear a midi skirt with your mules: In cooler months, pair mules with a skirt or midi skirt with tights. Opt for opaque tights or closed-toe mules when styling mules with tights. Open-toe mules will show the seam of your tights. For extra warmth, add an oversized coat or jacket to this look.

For extra height, try heeled mules: For a more elegant look, pair open-toe mules like peep-toe mules with a maxi dress or midi dress. To add height, consider adding heeled mules.

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For a trendy look, wear with a jumpsuit: For an easy summer look, pair flat mules with a wide-leg Jumpsuit. You can wear the flat mules with a denim jacket or up the style with block-heel mules.