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8 Things You Must Do to Launch a Fashion Brand

8 Things You Must Do to Launch a Fashion Brand It takes more than just sewing and cutting to create a clothing brand. It takes...

What is Rembrandt Lighting?

Rembrandt lighting refers to a lighting technique where one side of the face is lit by light and the opposite side in shadow. This...

6 Best Eye Creams To Remove Dark Circles

Every year, the GH Beauty Lab tests thousands upon thousands of skincare products. We tested eye creams exceeding 5,900 in our most recent test. These...

Women-Owned Clothing Companies: Celebrating Female-Founded Businesses

Who is the global leader? Of course, it's girls. Women's History Month is a great time to recognize female business owners and women-owned fashion brands. It's a...

How to Style Khaki Pants: Style Tips for Khaki Pants

What are Khakis? Khakis can be described as a type of pants made of thick cotton twill. They are available in flat-front and pleated designs. Khakis...

Mock Neck vs. Turtleneck – What’s the Difference?

Both turtleneck and mock neck tops can be used as wardrobe staples. Although the clothing items have similar necklines there are some key differences...

The Summer Fashion Trends for Women 2021

Let's get the facts straight before we dive into Your Guide to Women's Summer 2021 Fashion Trends. Must Read: vital tips to find the best...

How to Dress for an Engagement Party for Brides & Guests

It's time to celebrate the union of two lovebirds. Are you a gal pal who is proposing to a guy and don't know what to...

Christian Dior looks at haute couture

Although catwalk shows are not allowed this Haute Couture season due to the limited audience, that doesn't mean that fashion houses aren’t making big...

How to Take Care of Clothes For Children

Because They're often made with sensitive and soft Parents, materials need to look after clothes for kids. Children's clothes are vulnerable to tear, based...
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