6 Best Eye Creams To Remove Dark Circles

Every year, the GH Beauty Lab tests thousands upon thousands of skincare products. We tested eye creams exceeding 5,900 in our most recent test. These tests include weeks-long Lab and consumer testing at various price points …

Every year, the GH Beauty Lab tests thousands upon thousands of skincare products. We tested eye creams exceeding 5,900 in our most recent test. These tests include weeks-long Lab and consumer testing at various price points in order to find the best products. The Good Housekeeping Seal is our guarantee that the products listed below work. Here, more on the GH Beauty Lab’s best-tested and dermatologist-recommended eye creams that really make a difference for everything from dry skin to dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness, whether you’re in your 20s, your 50s or beyond.

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Absolue Revitalizing Eye Cream

Lancome’s luxurious, vitamin-packed cream was awarded the GH Beauty Lab’s latest anti aging eye cream test. It proved to be worth the investment for hydrating, firming, and other benefits. This formula contains vitamin C, E and other vitamins. It scored the highest in skin moisture by 41% over six hour and 29% for firming up over four weeks. Many testers reported noticing a difference. One said that “my bags are almost gone”. “The creamy-yet-lightweight formula seemed to disappear into my undereye skin, leaving it smooth and younger-looking from the very first use,” another marveled.

* Weight: 0.7 ounces

* Key ingredients: Vitamins E and Vitamins C, botanical extracts

* Primary benefits: Moisturizing and firming

SkinActive Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye cream

Garnier’s shea butter and coffee cream, which was the most affordable in the GH Beauty Lab anti-aging eye treatment testing, was a favorite among testers. It is a great skin softener and firmer as well as a great skin firmer. It came in second place for firming with a 32% increase and hydrating with a 31% rise in Lab assessments, but it didn’t reduce wrinkles. The pleasant smell received high marks from the testers. One tester noted that others noticed the pleasant scent and inquired about my activities. Another said, “It seemed like it helped with firmness.”

* Weight: 0.5 ounces

* Key ingredients: Caffeine, retinol, peptides

* Primary benefits: Firming, moisturizing

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TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Eye Cream

This GH Seal star Mary Kay product contains skin-evening niacinamide. It also won the GH Beauty Lab’s eyecream test. Lab digital imaging analysis gave it the highest scores for improving dark circles’ appearance and the best marks among testers who tested it for reducing puffiness and undereye bags. It also increased hydration by 24% and firmness by 20%. A tester said that there was no more morning puffiness. “Magical product!” Another tester reported that “my undereyes look smoother and more luminous.”

* Weight: 0.5 oz

* Key ingredients: Peptides, resveratrol, vitamin B3

* Primary benefits: Reduces dark circles, minimizes puffiness

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Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum

Murad’s serum, which is infused with collagen-stimulating retinol was the strongest at tightening the skin around the eyes in GH Beauty Lab testing. The Lab found that the light formula increased skin’s firmness and moisture levels by 33%. This was more than any other product tested by the Lab. It reduced wrinkles by 7 percent and made bags look smaller. The formula was rated nearly perfect by users for its lack of irritation. One tester raved, “Finally an eye treatment that actually delivered on its promises.” “Best eye treatment I have ever used.” Another raved: “It tightened my skin and smoothed it out.”

* Weight: 0.5 ounces

* Key ingredients: Retinol, amino acids

* The primary benefits include firming bags, hydrating and wrinkle smoothing

Age Perfect Eye Renewal

L’Oreal’s eye cream was affordable and performed well in GH Beauty Lab testing. It moisturizing, firming and decreasing the appearance of fine lines were all achieved over four weeks. Its gentle formulation of caffeine and botanical oils impressed testers. They didn’t experience any irritation or redness. One tester stated that she had never seen an eye cream perform as well as this one. My skin is sensitive, and many eye creams can irritate it. I didn’t feel any irritation from this product!

* Weight: 0.5 oz

* Key ingredients: Caffeine, retinol, vitamin E

* Primary benefits: Hydrating and firming lines.

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Redermic Eyes Retinol eye cream

In GH Beauty Lab testing, this eye cream from dermatologist-recommended brand La Roche-Posay absorbed quickly, reduced the appearance of fine lines, and diminished under-eye puffiness with powerhouse anti-aging ingredient retinol. Although the active can occasionally cause irritation or redness, Lab testers did not report any problems. Two eye-care professionals commented, “I had never really believed in eye creams before trying this one. It’s very impressive.” They also noted that the skin around their eyes looked firmer and more youthful. Retinol can cause sun sensitivity, so make sure you only use it at night. You should then apply sunscreen every day.

* Weight: 0.5 ounces

* Key ingredients: Retinol, caffeine, hyaluronic acid

* Primary benefits: Line reduction, depuffing