Top 5 Nature Color Contacts



It’s not difficult to see that colored contacts have been a trend setter since the early 1990s. They have become more appealing in recent years. The best thing about wearing colored contacts is the possibility to finally achieve the eye-color you have always wanted.

It is important to note that not all contact lenses are the same color as your eyes.

In this article, I will be sharing five of my favorite TTDeye colored contacts lenses options that you can purchase today.

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Top 5 Nature Color Contacts

1. TTDeye Queen Grey Colored contact lenses

These lenses will look great on people with medium-to-dark brown eyes. They look natural and do not show your iris around any of the pupils. They are also comfortable and lovely to look at. Although the color is intense, it doesn’t look fake. This is a remarkable feat. Although the pupil hole may be too small for some users, I am sure that you will all be able manage this tiny limitation. These contacts won’t obscure your vision in any way, but you can make sure that this is not the case. These lenses can be used for at most 12 months and have been approved by the FDA. They also have UV protection which will keep your eyes healthier and safer over time.

2. TTDeye Polar Lights Brown Colored contact lenses

This product is best suited for people with light-colored eyes. The best thing about this product is how they look natural on your eyes. These lenses are inspired by the Nordic Polar Lights and have a smooth finish. They are super soft and comfortable, so you can wear them for longer periods of time. These lenses are UV blocking lenses. This means they protect your eyes against the damaging, cancer-causing UV radiations from the sun. These lenses are also made to be comfortable for your eyes, so you will experience less irritation. These lenses are also able to retain enough moisture to keep your eyes moist for as long as you like.

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3. TTDeye Polar Lights Blue Grey Colored Contact Lenses

This pair of contacts is the best for someone who’s just starting to wear colored eye contact. They are simple and comfortable, with a great combination of grey and blue. Your eccentric look will get you many compliments, and the overall color scheme is stunning. These lenses can be worn daily due to their small size. If you have darker eyes, they will blend in well. You’ll be able to choose both prescription and non-prescription-based lenses for your use case scenario. These lenses are water-retentive and can be worn for up to 12 months. The material used is super-soft, so it should be suitable for all eye types.

4. TTDeye Polar Lights Yellow/Green Colored Contact lenses

These lenses are perfect for blue-colored eyes because they give your eyes a slight green tint. This will make your eyes appear natural and unique. They can be used with any eye color, but they also look great on brown eyes. These lenses are very comfortable and provide excellent coverage. If you are unsure about the design of these lenses, be assured that they have a smooth finish. This will not compromise the integrity and keep your eyes moist. These lenses are UV protected and have a 12-month useful life.

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5. TTDeye Queen Green Colored contact lenses

Although I don’t like the color green, I understand why people love it. Because the green color of your eyes is rare and hard to find, this is why I love it so much. These lenses will be a great fit for your eyes, and look natural. They can be used with any eye color including brown and green. It will look natural and have a vivid shade that goes well with darker eyes. These lenses can be used every year and are disposable. They also come with UVA and UVB filters to reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays on your eyes. These lenses are able to withstand moisture and oxygen levels. They are also made of super-soft materials, making everyday wear easy.

TTDeye Queen Green Colored contact lenses


Online e-commerce has grown and contact lenses are now much more affordable. You’ll also be able to change your contacts multiple times per day. Your imagination is the only limit to your creativity.

TTDeye offers a variety of color contacts that will allow you to keep your beautiful eyes for longer than you thought possible.