Living in Portugal: Marriage in Portugal


Obtaining married in Portugal is an one-of-a-kind experience. Do not let the marriage laws of this nation put a damage in your wedding celebration intends! International citizens that have actually located their soul mate should understand that Portugal is not a location to carry out a quick marriage. There are 2 methods of obtaining wed in this European country. One is doing the legalities in Portugal and the other is doing all the legitimacies first in your house nation. The first option is a lot more pricey and also time consuming.

Both Roman Catholic Church marriages and civil marital relationships are recognized. Civil marriages happen at Conservatória do Registo Civil (the Civil Windows Registry Office). In order to be given notice of your desired marital relationship, either the bride or the bridegroom need to remain in this nation for at least thirty days. If the marriage will certainly take place in a Roman Catholic Church, baptismal certificates are called for. The bride and also the groom should make use of the Civil Registry that services the area in which they stay.

If you are a UK deportee living in weddings in Lisbon – Portugal, the Portuguese authorities will need a Certificate of No Obstacle, a full birth certification apostilled by the Foreign and Republic Office’s Legalization Workplace, and a valid ticket (for short-term citizens) or a home certification. If you are under 18, you need the created approval of both moms and dads. Those that have actually been formerly wed need to show docudrama proof of any type of previous marriage as well as its termination. All papers have to contend the very least six months validity.

It typically takes a minimum of one month to refine each application. The wedding event must occur within 3 months upon approval. All UK records can be accredited by the Foreign and also Republic Office in London. They must be given the location where you will certainly marry on your special day. The wedding will certainly take place in Portuguese, so you may intend to work with a translator. The impediments for a marital relationship in Portugal are:

• Aged under 16
• A previous marriage that has not been dissolved
• Interdiction by psychic/mental illness reasons
• Involving a legal bond of guardianship
• When either the bride or the groom are relatives in first or second degree
• An insufficient period between marriages

The Anglican churches in the Algarve, Oporto, Estoril, Lisbon, as well as Funchal are not accredited for marriages. It is suggested to check all information with the local authorities before making any kind of wedding plans.