How to write a great SOP for an Australian student visa


A statement of purpose (SOP) is a type of essay that education providers require from applicants who intend to study in abroad. They are almost mandatory in Australia.

A good SOP should give education providers a background about the life of a candidate. It shows the reasons and motivation that made a student to choose a particular course, school, and future career plans.

An excellent SOP for an Australian student visa should provide this information.


An SOP should introduce the applicant, education background and family members that you will live with during your studies.  Summarize your educational experience with all the qualifications at different schools. Universities and best custom essay writing services colleges offer a Standard English proficiency test, and it is good to mention the score in a language test and exam date.

Employment history and any gaps

This part of the SOP should provide a short record of employment history.  List the names of past employers, job positions, commencement and end dates.     Make sure that you explain reasons for any gaps of a year or more in academic or career history.

 Reasons to study in Australia

An indication of the reasons behind the choice to study in Australia should be in the Statement of Purpose. Provide comparing evidence to proof that Australia has a superior quality education. Flexibility in the course design and the entry requirements are other proofs that applicants can mention as further proof. You can also specify the reasons that make you regard Australian education as more hands-on and show the areas that you cannot find at your home and other countries.

Reasons for choosing a particular education provider

You can compare and contrast between your chosen school and similar providers regarding course relevance. Mention factors like a guarantee of work placement, students support, complimentary up skill options and proximity to accommodation. Avoid mentioning reasons that will not add value to your application such as choosing to emulate friends or just because it is cheap.

Reasons for applying to the chosen course

Provide information on how the coursed you desire to study relates to your past studies, its relevance to your academic or career background and its contribution to future goals.

Reveal the financier of education and how

It is essential to explain how you will pay for education in Australia. It could be with support from family, education loan, sponsorship or savings.  Honesty is essential as the visa department might conduct a random check or ask for evidence.  Do not mention that you will find work to cater for your expenses after admission because lack of income can be a reason to reject a visa application.

Living arrangements

State your living arrangements when studying in Australia or request to live at facilities that the education provider arranges.  Provide a brief description of anybody who will host you.

Future career plans

Describe your plans for a career relating to the education you receive in Australia and how studies in the country contribute to fulfilling the dream.


The last part of an SOP should be a declaration of understanding of Visa rights, policies, obligations, education systems and other things relating to immigration. Applicants should take responsibility to find out the significant elements that affect their lives.

 An excellent statement of purpose ends with appealing closing remarks those readers will grasp quickly and remember.   The name of the student and contact information should appear in the signature part.