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LASIK eye surgery should be removed from the market

LASIK eye surgery is a well-known procedure that has been performed for more than 20 years. It’s used by approximately 20 million Americans to correct nearsightedness and improve distance vision. Some patients claim that their vision was damaged by the procedure.

This rapid procedure uses a laser to create a flap that allows the cornea to be reshaped. A LASIK expert is currently attempting to get it.

Abraham Rutner claimed that LASIK surgery had destroyed his life and ruined the quality of his vision. Rutner stated that LASIK surgery was a devastation that he cannot even describe to CBS News medical contributor Tara Narula.

“Things will seem twice.” He said that the lights were like starbursts.

After months of being unable to push his work, the Brooklyn electrician was able to find help in Miami thanks to Edward Boshnick, an optometrist who fitted him with contact lenses.

Boshnick explained that his cornea was twisted due to the LASIK procedure.

Boshnick says he has seen thousands of people.

Paula Cofer was an operation 19 years ago. “Out of one, my eyesight became a complete train wreck and now it’s here,” she said.

She realized she was not the only one and started a LASIK complications team. Cofer stated, “You have to be aware that you are putting your eyes at risk.”

An estimated 20 million LASIK surgeries have been completed since 1998. A poll by FDA patients found that over 95 percent of patients are satisfied with their vision.

There are many stories of complications on FDA’s site. Patients complained of “persistent eye issues”, nausea, and isolated retinas. They advised the FDA that “LASIK ended my entire life” and that this process should be stopped

Morris Waxler, a former FDA advisor and who wanted to approve LASIK, stated that “essentially we dismissed the information about eyesight distortions which lasted for decades.” He claims that the vote was an error.

Waxler said that he reexamined the documentation and concluded, “Wow, this is terrible.”

Waxler said that his analysis of business data revealed drawback rates between 30 and 10 percent. Waxler also petitioned FDA in 2011 to recall LASIK. The FDA denied his petition three decades later and told CBS News that they have not found any security issues related to LASIK devices.

Waxler stated that he believes LASIK should be “absolutely” removed from the market. He explained that there is nothing wrong with the eyes of an individual who has Lasik. They have healthy eyes. They can find eyeglasses for themselves.

Screening can help reduce these dangers.

Dr. Jules Winokur stated that “the most important issue is to understand who to function on and who not, and there are people who shouldn’t have this process.”

Rutner believes he was not a candidate.

He explained that he had been blaming himself.

Rutner claims that his vision is approximately 90 percent better. Although he can tolerate the discomfort of wearing contact lenses, he wishes he knew. Rutner said that he would inform anyone thinking about LASIK. It’s your eyes. You won’t be able fix it later.

It is important to screen the 15 doctors that we spoke with for the operation in order to reduce anxiety.

Below is the FDA’s advisory about dangers and how to find the best physician for you.