5 Expert Tips for Baby’s First Haircut


While getting a fab haircut, my hairstylist mentioned how she likes cutting hair for babies and kids too. I was like, “You’re kidding, right?” Then she explained to me that, no, she totally wasn’t kidding, but there are some things parents should know before taking their little ones into a salon. In addition to my own tip of bribery, bribery, and more bribery, Dessarae Harrington of LA’s Crowning Glory salon filled me in on how to keep kids and parents happy on this monumental occasion.

Here are Dessarae’s five fantastic tips on baby haircuts.

) Both Parents Should Be Present

Consider making a weekend appointment when both parents can go. If that’s not possible, recruit another family member. Your baby can sit on one adult’s lap while the other entertains her, and the little one feels safe and secure during the haircut. Which is a great distraction from what the stranger is doing to her head.

2) Skip the Kid Salon

For your child’s first haircut, consider a mid-end salon. Those super fun looking places with all the bells and whistles could overstimulate a child and make for a very unpleasant experience. Call your favorite salon first and ask if there is anyone who is comfortable cutting baby or toddler hair. You, and your baby, will be happy to get someone who is calm, confident, proficient, and most of all — patient.

3) Don’t Expect a Perfect Haircut

Go into the salon with one overall goal for the cut such as: “His hair is thick and makes him sweat while he sleeps.” This direction will get your little one’s hair thinned out and short in the back. If your main concern is hair in the eyes, let the stylist know so she can prioritize. Little ones tend to get fussy, and you may have to stop before getting the perfect cut. If your stylist knows what to take care of first, you will at least have the most important hair issue solved when you have to leave suddenly.

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4) Bring a Change of Clothes

For the tiniest customer, the child-size capes can still be too small. Hair will slip down into their shirts, and an itchy baby is an unhappy baby.

5) Bring Your iPhone

iPhones and iPads from home are great distractions. Rather than presenting your child with something new and over the top, bring a familiar video your baby already loves so they’ll be comfortable while being shorn.